Martha † Poly is a VISUAL ALCHEMIST who uses the elements of digital art, photography, writing/directing [short film & video art], video editing. She is based in Mexico City. The diversity of her skills come from the numerous areas where she has been involved throughout her upbringing such as theater, radio Mc, television VJ, live video performer, blogger photography and audio designer for films. She has a great passion for music and moving image which explains her great admiration for music videos and multimedia art. Her work is inspired mainly in horror imagery which has been very present while growing up through literature and cinematography. She considers as mentors Chris Cunningham, David Cronenberg, Granullar Synthesis, Matthew Barney.

She has worked as a documentary photographer with bands such as: hong Kong Blood Opera, Midnight Juggernauts, Loney Dear, Psyclon Nine, Austin TV; and fashion shots with musician Lisa Marx.

She has been featured on Diane Pernet’s Blog A SHADED VIEW ON FASHION with her photographic collaboration with fashion designer Rosa Pistola. She also did the photography for Psyclon Nine’s latest album We The Fallen.

She also worked for renowned composer Michael Nyman, as an editor for the project CINE OPERA. She recently directed and edited the video for HONG KONG BLOOD OPERA “Level 5 Song” available at Martha † Poly is available for freelance with artists, models and music artists. For gallery information, to buy prints or freelance request CONTACT MINGLEDPORTRAIT@GMAIL.COM


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